How does the world feel about tobacco?

On Wednesday 31st May, it was World No Tobacco Day and HaikuJAM teamed up with Ketto, for a very special initiative called “Quit and Save”. Ketto is Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform, and was urging smokers to give up a cigarette and donate the saved money to support victims of cancer.

Through HJ, Ketto spread the cause and asked our community to jam around topics such as Your Last Smoke and Smoke Free Tale. Hundreds participated with over 2000 lines being published. Below is a word cloud, showcasing the most commonly used words, and some of our favourite jams from the campaign. It’s certainly inspiring to see that life was the most popular word…

Word Cloud

a puff of kindness

tobacco is the only industry

You Never Know

when you light a candle

So what if others

if you want to last longer

If you would like to collaborate with HaikuJAM to help raise awareness about an issue that matters to you or your organisation, then please do reach out to me on 🙏