How does the world feel about tobacco?

On Wednesday 31st May, it was World No Tobacco Day and HaikuJAM teamed up with Ketto, for a very special initiative called “Quit and Save”. Ketto is Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform, and was urging smokers to give up a cigarette and donate the saved money to support victims of cancer.

Through HJ, Ketto spread the cause and asked our community to jam around topics such as Your Last Smoke and Smoke Free Tale. Hundreds participated with over 2000 lines being published. Below is a word cloud, showcasing the most commonly used words, and some of our favourite jams from the campaign. It’s certainly inspiring to see that life was the most popular word…

Word Cloud

a puff of kindness

tobacco is the only industry

You Never Know

when you light a candle

So what if others

if you want to last longer

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Strangers, Poetry and Depression

A few years ago, I was sitting in a London teashop feeling pretty low. I had shuttered a startup that I had been working on, and just didn’t know what to do with myself. So, in an attempt to lift my spirits, my best friend treated me to tea at one of my favourite places in Piccadily. As we sipped our cups of (deliciously smoky) Lapsang Souchang, I had this crazy idea that would go on to become HaikuJAM…

Now despite the fact that HJ was born from a space of dejection, we could never have imagined that it would be used in the context of therapy. Since launching the app, we have received countless messages from people, sharing their daily battles with depression or anxiety, and how the unassuming act of writing poems with strangers has helped them out of negative spirals.

There was a time when life became monotonous: I was examining corpses and offences day in, day out and I became very pessimistic about life and the world around me. Just then I discovered the HaikuJAM app serendipitously and my perspective changed and has been changing ever since. It’s not just a comfort zone but a daily outlet, where I can in fact employ my higher faculties to create something wonderful, unexpected and instantaneous. Jamming is now the bright part of my day and I wish to continue to discover myself and touch my life and those of others through the happiness a beautiful jam brings.

Dr. Anamika Nath
Autopsy surgeon

We were intrigued and deeply inspired by this phenomenon. It seemed that, quite unconsciously, we had helped to foster a compassionate and empathetic community of strangers (which is pretty rare on the internet!). Retrospectively it did make sense however: HaikuJAM does feel like a zen garden, where people are connecting over emotions and perspectives; you physically pick up someone’s thought (without knowing who they are or their present circumstance) and continue the story. There is very little social pressure to ‘perform’ or present a glazed version of your life; you can just be you and share whatever it is that you’re thinking or going through, without the fear of being judged.

HaikuJAM is my creative support group, that’s available 24/7

Barbara Wicks

So we thought that we’d share 6 poems from the HaikuJAM app on the themes of mental health, depression and anxiety. These are often discussed in the community and some incredibly brave jammers have also shared their personal experiences, to help raise awareness and let anyone who’s suffering know that they are not alone.



I downloaded HaikuJAM out of curiosity, you could say. And the simple idea intrigued me, collaborating with strangers to write words. But I had never in my wildest imaginations thought it would one day keep me alive and sane. I would love to share my experience on how HJ was a lifeline for me when I was reeling under the bout of severe depression.

I was going through a bad phase in life and craving for my voice to be heard. I wanted someone to say it’s OK. I wanted a way where my thoughts would find an outlet, I couldn’t bare the dark, morbid, suicidal thoughts. My efforts at Meditation made it worse. But the one thing I would do was open HJ everyday to read random jams. HJ had become my way of life. And as I continued to jam, connecting with random people, HJ became my Zen, my meditation, my therapy, collaborating with people was my connection to myself. Slowly, steadily, the dark oppressive clouds of depression were fading. And every haiku that I collaborated on was therapeutic. Each word, healing my soul, was an expression of thought falling to the parched soil of my mind like a drop on rain… And slowly spring came, and the grass grew by itself…

I would love to connect with people whose silent cry for help goes unnoticed. And it would be my pleasure to help them overcome their dark times.

Shankar Narayan

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was drowning deep in an ocean of depression. Just then when life was the last thing I wanted from life and when relentless withdrawal symptoms were taking their toll, I took to silence. Just when my words had lost meaning, I chanced upon HaikuJAM.

Submitting my lines there, I was happy to see how beautifully my words took on new meaning. I found my lost hope. For the first time I was not a mother, wife, daughter but a name and an identity as a jammer in a warm and welcoming community. I found a new meaning to life, which was not a hallucination but a reality, my reality. To quote my psychiatrist,”HJ did, what counselling sessions could not do”. Yes, HJ is peace.

Chandana Bardia


If you have a story to share or would like to collaborate with HaikuJAM to help raise more awareness about depression, anxiety, mental health or another theme that’s close to your heart, then please do reach out to me on 🙏

HaikuJAM ‘Creativity and Innovation’ Workshop at IBM

Team HaikuJAM at IBM India!

Last week, HaikuJAM ran a workshop on ‘Creativity and Innovation’ at IBM India in Noida, New Delhi! Through the 60-minute session, hundreds of JAMS (i.e. three-line collaborative poems) were created by IBM employees across multiple divisions. It was wonderful to see engineers, financial controllers, marketers, sales people and business developers come together and experience each other’s worlds, one simple line at a time! There were some brilliant collaborations around classic IBM themes such as “Watson”, “Think” and “Deep Blue”, as well as more unexpected topics such as “Relationships”, “Salman Khan” and “Make In India”.

At the end of the session, a judging panel shortlisted their favourite JAMS and then chose both an English and Hindi favourite. The winning JAM in English was titled “Passion” and co-authored by Sharad, Sanjeev and Shristi:

Passion JAM

Here are also some lovely testimonials from the event, as well as some more photos and video footage:

I was overwhelmed after attending this wonderful session. At large organisations like IBM we also JAM on a daily basis, except it’s with thousands of people across different teams and projects. Intimate, micro-JAMs in HaikuJAM foster a sense of belonging. This is not just about poetic ideas- HaikuJAM is an innovation that you can truly utilise in your daily life. Whenever you are stressed, you can JAM, and in the process connect to people in Australia, US and some really remote parts of the world. And once you connect with two others, you also find yourself connecting with yourself in a unique manner! At the HaikuJAM workshop, we all got a chance to write freely without limitations on the topics or themes. It has been one of the most different and amazing events to be held in IBM. Cheers to the founders of HaikuJAM!

– Nikhil Choudhary (Senior Delivery Manager, Global Business Services, IBM India)

The JAM session was excellent and thought provoking. HaikuJAM is an interesting and very interactive app which has no boundaries; you can think, write and capture any subject or feeling. Initially we were all a little hesitant, but once we started writing together on the JAM cards, creativity really flowed! It was fun and colleagues laughed. It brought back memories, cheerful bonding happened and tensions were released.

– Sanjeev Dhole (Global Finance Manager, IBM India)

I am so glad that I participated in the HaikuJAM session at IBM. I really liked the concept. In both personal and professional life, I find it very helpful to keep one’s imagination alive, and so I love creative exercises such as cooking and writing poetry! Often I find that my poems are left incomplete and the thoughts are gone, but now with the help of this wonderful concept and mobile app, I can easily crowdsource my creative efforts, collaborate and hold on to the ideas! Kudos to the founders!

– Gyanendra Verma (Delivery Manager, Global Business Services, IBM India)

It was an honour for me to help organize this amazing session in IBM. I have been using this app for some months, and it is actually very therapeutic! At the end of a busy day when you get to write something for yourself without being judged and connect with people globally through creative collaboration, it does make your day. This is why I choose HaikuJAM over any other app!

– Shristi Dhole (Vodafone EPM & VIP Monitoring, IBM India)


HJ Team!

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