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11 Poems About Exes

February 2, 2016
Made in HaikuJAM App (www.haikujam.com/getapp)

Talking about an ex is a dangerous game: it can usually bring about a serious case of the ‘feels’. Being optimistic, one may be able to salvage good memories from the plane crash that ultimately took place. Remember, the warmth you felt knowing that someone in the world cared about you and was thinking about you endlessly? Yeah, me too.

But just like how a Pavlovian dog associates the sound of a bell with food, hearing the name of an ex can conjure associations with pain, anger and tears. How could something that seemed so perfect crumble like an apple rotting at its core?

People change. We change. Life happens. To explore the wide landscape of feelings that emerge on those sleepless nights spent reminiscing about your ex, playing Drake songs on repeat, and scrolling through old text messages, here are 11 collaborative poems made in the HaikuJAM app.

11 Poems About Exes

“I will never move on”

“That person you thought I was….turns out I wasn’t”

“We had some good times…I just forgot them all”

“I wanted to take you away from everything that made you crazy”

“Do you still think about the times we had?”

“But you were the one who broke up with me!”

“I gave you my all and the next morning you forget who”

“Do you remember? Or shall I also pretend it never happened”

“Why couldn’t I be the type of person who stays?”

“Hey, we did have some good times, no?”

“I still can’t seem to shake you off”

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, whatever happens, we ought to always treasure the moment for what it was: a moment. Just because something ended, it doesn’t mean that the time we had together was wasted. That said, it doesn’t make looking back any less painful. Alas, “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

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