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11 Poems About Tinder

February 2, 2016
Tinder Poetry on HaikuJAM

Ask my generation the first thing they think of when you say the word ‘swipe’. In all likelihood, the answer will be ‘Tinder’. Launched in 2012, Tinder is a mobile app where you’re presented images of people that live near you and you can ‘swipe left’ to to reject someone or ‘swipe right’ to show you’re interested. The magic to Tinder lies is its ‘double opt-in’ mechanism: both parties must swipe right in order to start talking with eachother. This is supposed to alleviate the pressure of approaching someone you’re interested in, but not knowing if that interest is reciprocated.

Tinder has firmly embedded itself in modern culture with 10 million users swiping 1.6 billion times a day and it has featured regularly in HaikuJAM collaborations. Here are 11 of our favourite poems about Tinder.

11 Poems About Tinder

“A Tinder Fairy Tale”

“Best to avoid the word ‘Love’ on Tinder”

“The first of many first dates”

“Dedication to the cause”

“Life lesson: stay away from the buffet”

“When you’re feeling lonely…”

“Let’s escape to the countryside…”


“Swipe right to fall in love”

“Tinder with relationships”

“Swipes of Regret”

Final Thoughts

If you like the above, click here to see what happened when we crowd-sourced Tinder chat-up lines to the HaikuJAM community.

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